WordPress Hosting with More Performance, Security, and Management

Free Migration and Setup

We do all the setup including migrating your existing website to the cloud. Our support team will contact you for the information we need to setup your account.

High-Performance WordPress

Our WordPress stack is tuned for performance and updated monthly so your site always performs at its best. We ensure your homepage loads in under 1 second.

Rebuilt from Scratch

During the migration process we completely rebuild your website using authoritative copies of WordPress core, theme, and plugins. Your migrated website leaves infected code behind.

Layers of Security

We configure Amazon Web Services security to limit access to the web server. Then, we enhance WordPress security using advanced configuration to harden against remote threats.

Technical Support

Unsurpassed personal support by people who know your business plus 24×7 monitoring to resolve issues before you know they exist.

Monthly Top-Level Reports

Monthly top-level one-page reports give you an easy to understand summary of website performance, analytics, and hosting status.

Amazon Web Services

The cloud is the limit. AWS has unlimited potential to grow wherever your business takes you.


Everything we do focuses on ensuring we exceed your expectations with  managed Wordpress hosting.

The Details

Getting Started

  • Website migration by our sys admins
  • SSL certificate included


  • Private virtual server on AWS
  • PHP 7/8
  • WordPress page and object caching
  • Cloudflare Global CDN
  • High-performance DNS
  • Transactional email service


  • Web application firewall
  • WordPress login security
  • WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Hardened web and database configuration
  • Malware protection

    Customer Success

    • Unsurpassed personal customer support
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Daily database and asset backups (30 days)
    • Monthly offsite backups (12 months)
    • Monthly virtual server software updates
    • Code stored in offsite Git repository
    • Staging environment for testing
    • Google Analytics (GA4) & Search Console setup


    • Monthly top-level GA4 analytics report
    • Monthly uptime and performance report
    • Monthly hosting status report
    • Web and e-commerce consultation

    What makes WP In The Cloud Unique?

    Web consultant and system admin included

    WordPress and Amazon Web Services cloud computing are core strengths we use to provide the best fully managed hosting solution. We play well with others, including in-house teams and creative agencies!

    We do the tech work, you grow your business

    We believe all businesses need a trusted tech partner that sweats the details to keep your website performing great with lock-down security.

    Agility, Scalability, and Cost Savings

    We create a AWS account for you to take advantage of all that Amazon Web Services offers, including EC2 computing, S3 storage, and Route53 DNS. And we open a Git account to manage your site’s source code along with an account to send transactional emails from your website.

    Schedule a call today to discuss how our hosting plans address your specific hosting challenges.

    Customer Successes

    Real-life charts showing significant site speed improvement and reduced outages.

    Customer Successes

    Real-life charts showing significant site speed improvement and reduced outages.

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    Fully Managed WordPress hosting vs Shared Hosting?

    Shared hosting solutions for WordPress provide the most basic separation between unrelated websites. The tradeoff is low-cost versus performance and security. WP In The Cloud is a boutique service that combines personal customer support and service with the powerful benefits of cloud computing. Most small business in-house teams and creative agencies don’t have the technical experience working with virtual servers in the cloud. Move your WordPress website to WP In The Cloud and start taking advantage of all that cloud computing has to offer.

    How does WP In The Cloud Work?

    WP In The Cloud is a complete WordPress hosting solution that lets you reap the benefits of cloud computing without knowing any technical details. We migrate your existing WordPress website from a shared hosting environment (think BlueGator, HostGator, Dreamhost, Media Temple, Siteground, …) and in the process do a complete rebuild using authoritative source code for WordPress core and plugins as well as the website theme. This ensures no viruses and malware are transferred from the current site software. Our network engineers will configure a dedicated virtual server for your website, setup an SSL certificate, and test and fix errors that have lowered your business’s search rankings. Once everything is running (humming), our 24/7 monitoring service ensures problems are rapidly identified and corrected. You can cancel your monthly subscription whenever you desire. No long-term lock-in or cancellation penalty.